Hilken-Tippers = high performance and high versatility

Hilken Vehicle Construction - we manufacture as your Specifications.
Individual, high performance, highly versatile and in many variations. Convince yourself of what we have to offer and get informed about our Tandem-and Tridem Tipper. Our Tipper can be used under the most difficult conditions. Whether quarrying, mining, construction site or material handling, Hilken- Tipper attend their tasks effortless and reliable day-by-day. We manufacture for you:

  • Sand Trailer
  • Tandem Tipper
  • Tridem Tipper
  • Half pipe and sweep-off carriage
  • Rear-end-trailer and two-axle-Tipper
  • Two-Way-Tippers and Three-Way-Tippers

Our customer profit from our high performance and low transportation cost per ton. Ultra-modern Tipper, optimally constructed troughs provide high reliability and safety even under difficult working conditions.
You can find us at our facility "Am Flugplatz 2 in 16833 Lentzke", highwayA24 exit Fehrbellin and at our facility "27412 Vorwek-Buchholz near Tamstedt.
Hereinafter we inform you about technical details of our Tippers.

Hilken Tipper - strong numbers for commercial vehicles

Tell us your operational requirements and we at Hilken Fahrzeugbau will deliver your customized trailer. Whether you need a lot to maneuver or want to work save at wet ground conditions, often with slipping down loadings, we have the suitable Tipper for your requirements. Tandem, Tridem, Two-Way-Tippers or Three-Way-Tippers, Sand-Trailer, Agriculture-Trailer or Construction –Trailer we will deliver your trailer exact as you need daily.

Choose from 5 tons up to max. 34 tons total weight and a water measure of 8qm, 12qm up to 50qm. The licensed total weight of Hilken-Tipper is between 5.000kg and maximum34.000kg. The internal payload is between 5to, 8to, 15to and 32to. Choose between the tire type wide tires, radial, diagonal, gentle soil cultivation, floatation, high speed and heavy duty. The speed of the different Tippers is between 25kmh, 40kmh, 60kmh and 80kmh. The loading volume, depending on style, is 8 qm, 12 qm or 50 qm. The Tandem-Tipper equipped with a hydraulic side-flap.

Technical Details Overview:

  • Water measure: 8 qm, 12 qm up to 50 qm
  • Loading volume: 8 qm,12 qm up to 50 qm
  • Types: Tandem, Tridem, Dumper, heavy Construction-Tipper
  • Total weight: 5.000kg up to maximum 34.000kg
  • Tempo: 25kmh, 40kmh, 60kmh and 80kmh
  • Tons: 5to up to 34to total weight
  • Tires: wide tires, radial, diagonal, gentle soil cultivation, floatation, High speed, heavy duty
  • Internal payload: 5to, 8to, 15to and 32to

The Commercial Hilken Tipper

The place of action for a Hilken Tipper you can find at the mining industry, at additional sections of building industry and of course at the agriculture. Wherever lots of loads has to be moved, for example on large construction sites or all kind of harvests like wheat, yellow corn, silage or fermentation substrate, our Hilken Tipper is the right one.

The unloading is taken place over a tilt joint, either sideways over a hydraulic side-flap or internally.

A characteristic for our dumper are the big wheels, what enable a secure cross-country driving and stability even in rough terrain. The internal payload up to 32 tons guarantees a very effective work. With such a powerful and efficient Tipper the transportation costs per ton can be reduced and optimized. You can benefit from our high performing Hilken Tipper and simplify your working processes.

Several performance classes for highest flexibility.

Our customer can select between the different performance classes. Hilken Fahrzeugbau will find the proper and effectively performance class for any company. Several Tippers are particularly suitable for pouring goods at agriculture and equipped with a grain slide. Please get information for our attractive leasing offers. All trailers can be towed by a truck or tractor. We will be glad to inform you in detail about our service. You can reach Hilken Fahrzeugbau under the service numberl 0049-4283-982111 or send us a request via our contact form.